About Us

Since 1998, J.Elliot home has provided customers with superior, on-trend products and services in the home textile and décor industry, while effortlessly allowing customers to achieve their dream home aesthetic.

We are continually exploring and researching innovative products, that inspire our creativity, sourcing programs and a unique product selection that will enhance any living space.

Our team work hard every season to ensure that our range is cohesive, versatile and on trend. Our products are ethically manufactured in India, Pakistan, Vietnam and China. We wholeheartedly embrace that change is the only constant, and are constantly working to keep up with the ever changing styles & trends of the industry finding ways to exceed expectations. 

Conrad D’Souza, inspired by travel and its culture saw potential to bring eye catching pieces into the Australian market. So he began his journey from his garage. J. Elliot was born and raised with hard work, grit, passion and some incredibly stylish homewares.

He continues to travel the world to be inspired for each season and for every trend. Frequent visits to our supply chain in India, Pakistan, China and Vietnam are a part of routine to ensure that our customer are receiving the highest quality products.  

From Design to Manufacturing to Supply Chain Management, we cover it all here at J.Elliot Home, offering a one stop shop for décor and home furnishings.

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