Collection: Spring Summer 2022

This catalogue was crafted with versatility in mind. We wanted to create a collection that felt organic and real, from the shapes to colours and materials. From our hearts and homes straight to yours.

We wanted to create some bold moments in colour, texture and design that were not overpowering or just a fleeting trend but something will last over time.
Our three stories cover every style, and we have endeavoured to curate something for everyone. Home To Haven was created for the modern Scandinavian-minimalist, showcasing the beauty of neutral tones. Grounded Soul was inspired by the earth and the forward thinkers with a warmer peachier inspired palette. By The Coast is all about luxury and elegant coastal living adorned with hues of blue and ivory.

We have noticed that you, our customers want more guidance on how to style and pair our products together. So, we have created looks that are achievable, to style and mimic in your own homes that will look like our design team has styled it themselves.

Lastly, we have also considered the materials we were using; focusing more on cotton and more environmentally friendly choices for furniture, choosing pieces that use materials with a more direct line to the earth.

This is Spring/Summer 2022.
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