Is Faux Leather, Foe Leather? Or Our Styling Friend..

          Have you ever wanted to use leather accents, furniture or embellishments but weren’t sure about which leather trend to follow?

Leather Felt Jelliot Texture

         With the shift towards ethical conscious living, we wanted to make sure that our products were upholding these values so that our wonderful retailers can provide customers the conscious animal free living products they are searching for, while not compromising style. Leather homewares are a luxurious, trendy, exclusive material, which exudes a sophistication. Through immersive research and learning, our product team have designed a new Faux Leather range in our latest collection as they’ve found the pros outweigh the cons in terms of faux leather. So what would work best for you? We’re going to outline a few of the main Pros and Cons...

          While real leather is durable, it requires maintenance to prolong its life and is prone to sun damage, while faux leather is available in a larger variety of colours and finishes, requires little to no maintenance, can be cleaned easily, doesn’t deteriorate with exposure to UV and is remarkably softer on the wallet. We’ve found that real leather can be an investment that comes with a long to do list, but Faux Leather being low maintenance easily transforms a home's repertoire without heaps of effort. The faux leather also comes in a variety of gloss finishes, which helps adding some depth and dimension to a cluster of cushions.

Leather Cushion Jelliot Home

 Introducing Leather into your homes..

       We find that leather is extremely versatile, and can be used to create a mod, classic vibe - but can also be introduced to add a splash of a modern feel. If you would like to add subtle hints of leather without going all out and buying an entire sofa set, begin using little accents of leather with cabinet handles, cushions that feature a bit of leather, leather finishes on decor etc.

         We find that mixing a faux leather cushion really accentuates the style, quality and life not only of the leather but of the cushions around them too. The contrast between textured cushions, heavily embellished cushions juxtaposed with a solid leather cushion works a treat!  

        In conclusion, we’re pro-faux leather! We’re excited to see how you all use our products to further elevate and decorate your stores.

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