Winter Essentials by Kirti Sehrawat

Our Winter 2019 Collection has officially launched. It is our cosiest and most luxurious collection to date, with an abundance of faux fur textures that add depth, warmth, sophistication as well as that indulgent luxury that we all deserve in these colder months.

Jelliot Boho Parker Cushion Delilah Cushion Faux Fur Throw
                                     Left to Right (Golden Jackal Throw, Delilah Cushion, Parker Cushion)

We thought we would give you some insight to how this collection came about; it’s inspiration and vision straight from the head of our Product Team - Kirti Sehrawat, so we can give you inspiration on how to help your customers envision our products in their homes.

What was your inspiration for the 2019 Winter Collection?

Sustainable living.

We’ve only got one earth and people are becoming readily aware that it is essential we take care of it. This shift towards living more sustainable lifestyles is showing in the way people are buying and styling their homes. People are becoming more and more aware about how, where and by whom the products are being made.

I wanted to create products that are either made from natural fibers, recycled materials or are recyclable themselves. This carries over into our furniture range, I wanted to move away from mass produced pieces. Instead I wanted to source materials that were environmentally friendly or recycled.

I think that we as an industry have to provide consumers with products that aren’t doing damage for the sake of aesthetics. We wanted to find away to create conscious home wares that don’t compromise on quality and style. I believe, this collection is well on its way to doing so and just a taste of what is to come in future collections.

What are your stand out pieces from this seasons collection?

The Rabbit Faux Fur Collection is without a doubt my favourite part of this season’s collection. We have cushions, throws, floor rugs as well as my personal favourites...cosmetic pouches and hot water bottle covers made from the super soft faux fur. The hot water bottle covers have gone down a treat with my daughter who simply can not get enough of this cosy winter addition. The cosmetic cases have also proven to be a great little clutch for when a handbag is too much.

Cosmetic Pouches Jelliot Demi Pouch

                                                                            Seen Above ( Demi Pouches )

What are the Must Haves From this seasons collection?

I think our handmade wooden furniture range is a must have for homes. Our wooden furniture range is crafted from responsibly sourced wood.These classic pieces would fit into any home no matter the interior design style and are versatile enough to work all year long (through the seasons). Also faux furs are always a staple for the winter to keep you cosy and we have plenty of them this season.

Quebec Cushions Camden Cushion Iclyn Throw Jelliot

                                   Left to Right (Quebec Cushion, Camden Cushion, Arlo Cushion, Iclyn Throw)

Where do our products come from?

We truly believe that handcrafted pieces made by artisans are almost a one-of-a-kind exceptional. The fringe benefit is creating employment opportunities and preserving their craft traditions globally in India and China. Most of the handmade, handcrafted and cotton products are sourced from our artisans in India. It’s amazing to see how these beautiful cushions, rugs, furniture come to life through their incredible artistry. There are rug weavers in Panipat, Furniture makers in Jaipur, Bamboo work craftsmen in China. All these products require high level of skill and depending on the product it sometimes takes days to create these unique pieces. Rugs are all hand spun and then hand woven using traditional hand looms. It is truly exceptional and we are so grateful we get to showcase their skills and tradition through our products season to season.

We are also ecstatic that our partnering factories in these countries are great supports in achieving our social and environmental goals.


Jelliot Kirti

Kirti Sehrawat

Product Manager

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