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Using Textured Patterns to Enhance Product Ranges
Texture cushions Couch Jelliot 

        This post begins the first in a series of adapting products to different design aesthetics, showing you how you can appeal to a greater range of customer bases through styling our products in different ways. Scandinavian, Coastal, Eclectic and Traditional; versatility with no compromise on quality, saving you from having to look for and buy a greater quantity of products but instead, purchase products that will lead to sales from customers on opposite spectra of design.


                                                                      (Indie & Parker Cushions)

     Today we explore an Eclectic Modern themed home, showcasing the minimalist look using some texture. This style of home is definitely very prominent in today’s customer base, as the trend for plants and greenery continues to grow. Texture is key in all materials today; all surfaces have some kind of texture whether it is the grainy nature of wood or textiles that have woven patterns that give it a distinct look and feel like the Harlow Rug (pictured above). Once you have a palette chosen, you can focus on textures.


Fiona Indie Delilah Texture Cushions Jelliot
Left to Right (Quebec, Fiona, Fiona, Indie, Vancouver Rug)

     Our Indie and Delilah cushions are the perfect way to add a little bit of depth and drama to a space and are both cushions with an embellished pattern. As you can see we’ve paired this cushion with some more subdued monochrome options to create a platform for the textured cushions to shine, while also making the more subdued cushions surrounding them an essential part of the story. When merchandising your store, take this technique into consideration. Create a stand out piece, (The Rockstar) with some more subdued textures (The Band) so your customers can  see the necessity of purchasing more than one piece to create a well balanced, standout look.

For our Delilah and Indie cushions we suggest pairing them with:

Jelliot Parker Cushion Rupert Puppy

                                                     (textures approved by Rupert the comfort-expert)


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