Completing a Look and Creating Cohesiveness

It’s fair to say that homewares these days have so much to offer, catering to every different interior aesthetic. However, a lot of consumers are very indecisive. They want you to show them how to style rather than put a look together themselves.

We thought we’d take care of some of the heavy liftings and show you how to combine different styles to create cohesive looks with different textures and materials.

The key to this concept is to find an overarching theme for a room and then create little pops of bold colour or texture that can bring intrigue to a living space and complete a look.

Look 1:  ‘The Home Entrance’

natural entryway look

After a long day at work or simply out and about it’s nice to come home and think ‘wow my home is beautiful’. That first impression sits in the entryway to one’s home and this is a very accessible look for a large customer base to showcase in their own homes...

Currently, natural tones and materials are the ‘Go To’ for a large majority of Australian homes. Once our theme for this look was established we chose pieces that fit this description but had their textural contrast: The Bamboo Planters, Jute Rug, Oakley Mirror and Haines Console Table. All these pieces work in harmony together however still hold their own. Adding the faux leather ottoman is not only a great addition for practicality purposes (to sit down and take your shoes off) but adds a special focal point to the room that gives it a sense that you have arrived home. The touch of the faux fur throw adds a little bit of luxury and coziness to a home so it’s a great addition to creating the ‘vibe’ of a home from the moment you walk in.

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Look 2: ‘A Brooding Nook’

black brooding reading nook


When creating a more brooding and darker look it’s important to remember that not every piece needs to be dark and moody. Accentuating other brighter pieces or greenery brings greater attention to the darker pieces that create the foundation of this setting. The faux fur rug brings warmth and homeliness to a darker space, always a great addition. Having greenery creates a ‘lived in’ look bringing life and personality to any space. Using bamboo products serves the demand of using environmentally friendly products that don’t impact the styling of a living area. Black and white although the opposite, is the perfect partner, monochrome means strong, bold and fierce with a little bit of light and this space exudes exactly that.

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